15 Ways Medical Cannabis Can Help You

July 20, 2017by admin0

When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.

Bob Marley

Medical cannabis has some shocking benefits and the legalization of this restorative herb is slowly catching on with 29 states having legalized its use. Here are 15 different ways that medical cannabis is improving lives.

#1 Relieve Anxiety

One of the best-known benefits to medical cannabis is relieving anxiety. Cannabis is proven to cut down the symptoms of acute stress and anxiety. This is caused by the compound, cannabinoid, binding to our natural cannabinoid receptors and creating the “blissful” sensation associated with cannabis.

#2 Relieve Chronic Pain

Cannabis has been long used to provide some relief from chronic pain. Cannabis can be used with great effect with afflictions such as arthritis and MS for opiate-free pain management.

#3 Inhibit Progression of Certain Diseases

Not only can medical cannabis lessen discomfort with diseases, recent studies have shown the compound, CBD, found in cannabis helps to inhibit or reduce the growth of certain cancer cells.

#4 Providing Relief for Mood Disorders

People with conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and insomnia can find medical cannabis functions as an effective mood stabilizer and provides them with relief.

#5 Muscle Relaxant

Those suffering from diseases of uncontrolled movement, such as Parkinson’s, have found relief with cannabis.

#6 Reduce Inflammation

The properties in medical cannabis reduce inflammation, decreasing discomfort in sore muscles and sprained joints.

#7 Help Prevent Drug Abuse

There has been a marked decrease in rates of opiate overdoses in states with legalized medical cannabis use because cannabis can be used as an effective alternative to opiates entirely.

#8 Manage Nausea

Medical cannabis has been used as a treatment for chronic nausea, especially among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

#9 Relieve Headaches

Like caffeine, medical cannabis can actually relieve headaches. Unlike caffeine, cannabis won’t cause them. It is also an effective treatment for chronic migraines.

#10 Control Childhood Epilepsy

The compound, CBD, doesn’t come with a high, but a recent study with children suffering from epilepsy treated with CBD saw a fifty percent decrease in seizures.

#11 May Increase Lung Capacity

Contrary to smoking cigarettes, there is evidence to find that responsible use of medical cannabis may improve your lung capacity due to the repetition of deep breathing functioning to exercise your lungs.

#12 Heighten Metabolism

Medical cannabis has been shown to heighten metabolism, so despite the “munchies”, cannabis use doesn’t cause weight gain.

#13 Used as an Ancient Remedy

People have using cannabis to treat afflictions for two thousand years, starting as anesthesia in China and fever-reducer in the Netherlands.

#14 Prevent Glaucoma

Because medical cannabis reduces swelling, it prevents high blood pressure in the optic nerve that causes glaucoma, a disorder that can result in blindness.

#15 Eliminate Nightmares

Medical cannabis users find that they have peaceful, dreamless sleep. Many afflicted medical cannabis users report relief from nightmares entirely.


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